Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Friday 28th June 2013


WHITNEY HOUSTON, born on the 9th of August, 1963, making her a Number 36/9 Birth Force, and being born on the 9th this will also highlight the qualities of the Number 9.  When they are shy they can attract into their lives dominant, aggressive or violent people, as I feel happened to Whitney.  She was so beautiful and had the most amazing voice, but she was also her own worst enemy escaping into drugs to heal her emotional wounds.  The Number 9 is very emotional and needs an outlet for it which was her singing. It is very hard for … read more

Thursday 27th June 2013


RICHARD GERE born on the 31st August, 1949, which makes him a 62 or a  44/8 Birth Force. I always acknowledge the Master Number.  Richard is the higher vibration of the 44/8 Birth Force, I feel he knows how to make money but it is not his God, he does not live for it.  It is a hard lesson to learn, and often takes a life time and lots of knocks along the way. The Number 8 can be the pope or the devil, it is balanced, the circle above and below,  as above so below.  It is the only … read more

Wednesday 26th June 2013


MARILYN MONROE, born 1st June, 1926, which gives her a 25  or a 16/7 Birth Force. Marilyn was a thinker, had a sharp mind, analytical,she was not satisfied until she knew the unknown.  A 16/7 Number can be tragic as it was in Marilyns case, they feel everything so deeply and always keep quite a few things deep inside, no one would know what was really going on inside them.   Marilyn was very intelligent, but knew how to play to the media. She had the world at her feet, but not the self confidence to carry her through. The … read more

Tuesday 25th June 2013


BEN AFFLECK was born on 15th August, 1972, which makes him a BIRTH FORCE of 33/6.  The  Number 6 is wise and conscientious and has very strong convictions on religion, what is right and wrong, truth and justice.  They are always the teacher, so even on the movie sets you would find Ben helping and teaching others, and especially looking after children that are there.  It is very important to them that people are treated fairly in all things.  They have a strong desire to protect their family and their children, pity anyone who comes between them or hurts one … read more

Monday 24th June 2013


  ANGELINA JOLIE, born 4th June, 1975 which gives her a Birth Force of 32/5. Angelina loves to experience life, in all directions.  What I was taught a long time ago with the Number 5, was drugs, sex, rock and roll.  They are here to experience life and learn the constructive use of freedom, learning to pick and choose what they start and then see it through to the end.  Many times especially when they are young they are like a rolling stone, with so many choices, but start many things but finish very few, this comes with experience learning … read more

Saturday 22nd June 2013


BRAD PITT, born 18th December, 1963, which makes him a master number 22 which goes into base Number of 4.  Brad loves his family and kids, has big ideas and knows how to put them into form, as is his love of architecture.  He gives everything to those he loves, and to his work. A Number 4 through patience, perseverance, determination and careful attention to detail, constructs, builds, fixs, mends, organises and maintains.  They establish system and order, and get things done.  The Number 4 has high standards of honesty, courage, and they gain through hard knocks, and their own … read more

Thursday 20th June 2013


PAMELA STEPHENSON CONNOLLY, born, 4th December, 1949 which comes to a Number 39/12/3.  She is exciting, creative, a speaker, loves dancing and has written quite a few books.  She loves dressing up, having fun and making people laugh, she is a comedian and  has been very vocal talking about sexuality.  What a lady!!!!!!  She loves life. The Number 3 has a strong inner urge to create and finds beauty in expressing, emotions and feelings.  They love beautiful things, are very creative, have  an amazing imagination, learn quickly, and have a gift with words and speech.  The Number 3 has a … read more

Wednesday 19th June 2013


JENNIFER ANISTON was born on 11th February, 1969 which makes her a 38/11 Master Number, which when you reduce it down comes to a Number 2. It is through the Number 2 that healing and deep sensitive feelings are given to the forceful Number 1’s, causing the number 11 to be called a “spiritual messenger”, and the power to influence the masses. There is a love of peace, that is its strength, its gentleness, its sensitivity, and its insight into the right and wrong. It is often thought of the power behind the thrown.  They have a fine sense of timing and … read more

Monday 17th June 2013


Tom Cruise is someone we all know, he was born on the 3rd July, 1962 which makes him a 28/10 Birth Force.  He personifies the characteristics of the Number 1.  He is an action man who enjoys flying this own plane, and loves his family. The Number 1 is a dynamic person,  has great wit and humour, they are great company to be with and have lots of energy to give to relationships. They are attracted to beauty, personality and someone who is self confident, but they want to do the leading themselves.  They have a desire to do things differently from what others do, and … read more

Sunday 16th June 2013

How to Find the Number that tells you about our SEXUALITY!

To find your Birth Force all you need to do is add up your Birthdate.  eg 9/3/1962.  9+3+1+9+6+2=30= 3 Birth Force. Each number relates to a pattern , or vibrations, and this also relates to our sexuality.  Each trait can be highlighted with the help of numerology.  When you extract the numbers from a persons name and birthdate you get a picture which also reveals their sexual nature. What I am writing about is only a guide, it is for the number, not the person.  To be accurate for each person a Numerology Chart needs to be drawn up to find out … read more