Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Thursday 20th June 2013



PAMELA STEPHENSON CONNOLLY, born, 4th December, 1949 which comes to a Number 39/12/3. 

She is exciting, creative, a speaker, loves dancing and has written quite a few books.  She loves dressing up, having fun and making people laugh, she is a comedian and  has been very vocal talking about sexuality.  What a lady!!!!!!  She loves life.

The Number 3 has a strong inner urge to create and finds beauty in expressing, emotions and feelings.  They love beautiful things, are very creative, have  an amazing imagination, learn quickly, and have a gift with words and speech.  The Number 3 has a natural attraction to money, and is very good at inspiring others, they are great motivators.

The Number 3 needs to be popular, to be loved and to love.  Sometimes there can be the eternal triangle, with more than one love, and more than one admirer, but on the whole they are capable of deep love, affection and loyalty, but be careful!!

For that special night with the The Number 3, find some exciting dressups, and be inventive in the games you play.  Have fun, use your imagination, what about some sexual games, maybe hide and seek, with a prize at the end!!!!

Choose some soft rose coloured satin sheets, with some ruby and russet perfumed candles, and remember they need to know they are loved.