Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Thursday 26th September 2013


As a Destiny Number 22, you are extremely capable at whatever  you choose.  You can also handle large scale undertakings, and can accomplish much in the material world.  You are capable of leading in new directions with an unauthordox approach and unusual perceptions and awareness’s. When young you would have tried quite a few different types of employment until you found what you really wanted to do. As a Destiny Number 22 you are practical, and very aware of non material forces.  You are also idealistic and have much inner strength, which others can see in you.  It is important … read more

Wednesday 25th September 2013


  As a Destiny Number 11 you inspire others by your own example.  You are a good spiritual adviser, philosopher, teacher and welfare worker.  You are very sensitive, very intuitive, and may be interested in spiritual, mystical or occult studies.  You are very analytical with a good mind, but some times you have difficulty focusing to achieve the end results you desire.  If you work in the business world your approach in often unusual. As a Destiny Number 11 you are idealistic, but get disappointed by your own and others imperfections, but you love art, music and beauty. As a … read more

Monday 23rd September 2013


As a Destiny Number 9 you are very much a humanitarian,  and like to help others.  You are also very sensitive, with lots of compassion which is why you work so well with other people.  You have an ability to inspire, and would make a great teacher, religious leader and counsellor. As a Destiny Number 9 you are very creative,  imaginative, and artistic. You are a very giving person, as well as sympathetic, tolerant, broadminded, compassionate and generous.  You are also idealistic and get disappointed in the lack of perfection in the world and in yourself. You are very romantic, and love being in … read more

Sunday 22nd September 2013


As a Destiny Number 8 you have organisational, managerial and administrative capabilities.  It is you for to establish your own business, or high up in some business,  for you have great potential for achievement and financial reward.  You know how to handle money, and accumulate it, for you have good judge of everything to do with money as well as being a good judge of people.  As a Destiny Number 8 you are realistic and also practical, and conventional.  You are capable of handling large projects that interest you. A Destiny Number 8 you are ambitious, energetic, and very self confident.  … read more

Saturday 21st September 2013


As a Destiny Number 7, you have a good mind and good intuition capable of analysing, judging and discriminating.  You are searching for wisdom or hidden truths, and become an authority on subjects that interest you, such as technical, scientific, religious and the occult.  You are not superficial, when something is of interest to you, you want to know everything about the subject, you want to go to the depths.  You would make a great teacher, philosopher and researcher. A Destiny Number 7 always feels different, you have unique approaches to find solutions to problems that the normal person would not comprehend. You … read more

Friday 20th September 2013


  As a Destiny Number 6 responsibility will follow you around, from when you were very young.  It is one of your big lessons in this life time for you.  You are very helpful and conscientious giving help and comfort to those who need it especially the old, young or sick.  The community holds a special place in your life, and you will often be called upon to help.  You are also very creative and artistic which is noticeable from going into your home, you could be a interior decorator.  Balance and harmony are also important to you. As a Destiny Number … read more

Thursday 19th September 2013


As a Destiny Number 5 you are very talented with great ideas at presenting and selling anything.  You are clever, analytical and think quickly at all times.  People love having you around because you are so enthusiastic and adapt to what ever is happening in your life.  You love change, travelling and seeing unusual places and especially people.  You love them from all walks of life, religions, colours, and political persuasions.  Your friends are a very ecliptic mix not to mention your partner.  You love the unusual, and can mix with everyone so a great asset to have at a … read more

Sunday 8th September 2013


As a Destiny Number 4 you are a great organiser and manager, every business needs someone like you.  You can establish order and routine especially where there are none.  You have a practical, down to earth approach, and are prepared to work long and hard.  As a Destiny Number 4 you are also very patient with details, and very accurate with everything you do. A Number 4 would make an excellent builder, engineer, craftsman, or you are capable of writing or teaching, especially anything technical. You would be a real asset to any business!!  You are responsible, honest and serious about every thing you do, … read more

Wednesday 4th September 2013


As a Destiny Number 3 you have a great talent with words, writing, speaking, singing, acting, and teaching.  In everything you do you have a need to express the joy of living which is why you have a wide circle of friends, are a great conversationalist, and love  entertaining.  You also love to be noticed and be the centre of attention. As a Destiny Number 3 you are very artistic and have a very creative imagination.  You are optimistic and get very enthusiastic about things you love, and inspire everyone around you, but use your gift wisely. Sometimes you can say too … read more

Tuesday 3rd September 2013


CO-OPERATION As a Destiny Number 2 you work well with others and prefer being in a partnership than on your own.  You are very sensitive to others feelings and prefer to negotiate outcomes for you don’t like confrontational situations, but this makes you  very skilful at organising and handling groups. You are very tactful and considerate but are easily hurt, be careful you don’t retreat and  let the anger build up inside you.  Take time to nurture yourself, have a massage, learn to meditate.  You are very sensitive and also intuitive, use these gifts in a positive way and let them be a real … read more