Christine Parker

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Saturday 15th June 2013

The Number 9 House!!!

With 1503, add the numbers together, 1+5+0+3= 9 House Number. You will love this house if you love people, and love helping others!!!  Are you a philanthropist???  Then this house is for you.  There is compassion, tolerance, and a love of helping others, and this could bring money, happiness and love to those who live here. This place is where the love of art, drama, beauty, philosophy, spirituality and all kinds of healing can be nurtured and will grow.  There will be many emotional experiences and disappointments, but this is about learning to forgive, and letting go of things in your life that you no longer … read more

Thursday 13th June 2013

The Number 8 House!!!

This is a home of importance, it likes the best of everything from furniture to good wine, it needs to look good and be noticed.  This is for a person who is successful or who wants to feel successful.  Business is very much a focus here, with meetings, dinner parties, and maybe fund raisings of some kind for the community.  It is important to have good judgement, and to be able to manage  money, this will eventually bring recognition in the community and respect for work that is accomplished.  This home will stand out in the street unless it is not living up to … read more

Wednesday 12th June 2013

The Number 7 House!!!

When you enter the House Number 7, leave all your troubles outside. This is a house where there is lots of pride and dignity, self control and self realization. It is a quiet place, where mental thought is dependent upon the inner powers of the mind, a place where the soul can grow.  Studying, writing, scientists, educators; this is a home for pursuing the intellectual side of life, and success comes through knowledge, skill and being a specialist in any field. This is a perfect home to meditate, and hibernate, but not for anyone who can’t live alone. Number 7 is … read more

Tuesday 11th June 2013

The Number 6 House!!!

Family life and responsibilities  is what this home is all about.  There are strong family ties,  the love of children, relatives, family tradition and helping those in need bringing balance and harmony.  Money, and the good things of life are attracted to this home when good will and helping others is lived up to.  There will always be responsibilities for people in this home. Over valuing your possessions and having too much self importance may bring domestic problems and unhappy relationships.  Children and animals enjoy the warmth and love in this home.  Working in the community in some way can bring lots … read more

Monday 10th June 2013

The Number 5 House!!!

This home is for active people who enjoy life, and constant changing conditions.  Routine is hard to establish, so is cleaning the house. There are so many interests outside the home too that this prevents a smooth running domestic life, but will give many opportunities.  There will be many different people coming and going, and unexpected happenings. Variety is the spice of life in this home, things will never be boring.  Conditions will not remain the same over a long period. Don’t forget it is also important to be able to relax from time to time.  

Sunday 9th June 2013

The Number 4 House!!!

There is a serious, conservative atmosphere in this home.  It  expects loyalty, courage, honesty, and a determination to work steadily which may bring recognition and worthwhile accomplishments.  The family and relatives need to be handled carefully,  there could be problems, but continued effort and common sense with lay the foundation for growth and security.  There is lots of fun and good times underlying the serious nature of the home.  Popularity and business opportunity may come by doing things in an orderly, systematic way and being careful with money.  People living in a four house can be well liked and respected families of the community. … read more

Saturday 8th June 2013

The Number 3 House!

This house is 642, so what we do is add up the numbers to get a single digit.  6+4+2=12, 1+2=3.  This is a happy, cheerful home, when its number is lived up to.  There is also a strong feeling of self importance, but this is modified by the strong feeling of friendship that attracts happiness and comfortable living in this home.  Imagination and creative talent are the keys to progress and can lead to a career for young and old.  Be careful of extravagance, it is easy to spend money if you are not careful.  There is always the possibility of a … read more

Friday 7th June 2013

The Number 2 House!

  The Number 2 House is for people who like to share what they have.  It can be through community groups, but simple living is the key to being happy here.  Anger will bring about a lot of confusion and discord but difficulties can be smoothed out with  tact, diplomacy and patience.  Its important not to be too exacting with little things, people will find this very annoying.  There will be interesting experiences through partnerships, both in marriage and business.  A willingness to cooperate and to go half way will get the best results for everyone.  Keeping the home neat  and clean is also important to the charm … read more

Thursday 6th June 2013

The Number 1 House!!!

Independent, individual people will enjoy this home.  It encourages originality and development of creative ideas.  Will, determination, integrity and strong character are called for.  These qualities will develop by those living in this house, there will be many happenings which will take place here.  Dignity, pride and intelligent interests are the keynotes to success and attainment.  Self confidence is required, but be careful of your ego, selfishness or eccentricity  will bring disappointments and antagonism.  Be careful of sudden hasty friendships that are not based on worthwhile interests.  Take time to get to know people and to make your own interests known.  Many peculiar … read more

Wednesday 5th June 2013

House Numbers – How to add the numbers to find your house number!!!

TO FIND YOUR HOUSE NUMBER JUST ADD THE NUMERS TOGETHER. eg  for house number 167, add the numbers together 1+6+7 =14, then add the 1+4 to get the base number 5.  Now read House Number 5 and see if that reflects the house that you live in. A home represented by its number, naturally wants to be itself. If you are looking for a family home then a number 6 is perfect, but if you are looking to be alone then a 7 house would be what you are looking for.  It is so much easier to be in harmony with your … read more