Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Tuesday 10th February 2015


The number Twenty-Two is MASTER BUILDER. They have enormous potential and power to achieve material gains, working on a large or world scale, for the benefit of man kind. A Twenty-Two is capable at what ever work they choose, for they have different capabilities and perceptions, with a sensitivity that adds new awarenesses.  They see the big picture and are also are very good with details. When they are young they will probably try their hand at many different jobs to gather experience that they will need later in life.  They make excellent architects and builders.  Even from an early age they … read more

Saturday 1st March 2014


Often an 11 Master Number will often do two different things at the same time.  Maybe they are a writer, but also an artist; someone who works as an actor as well as being a teacher.  There is also a strong possibility of them coming into the limelight in some way, and being recognised by others for the work they do. When the Number 11 Master Number is in balance, they could become a gifted channeler or clairvoyant, spiritual teacher, visionary leader or be able to see into the future.  They can be an inspiration to others, love poetry, and very romantic.  There … read more

Tuesday 11th February 2014


Master Numbers are the doubling of a number, giving it added potential, they are 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, 99. In most cases a Master Number suggests an older soul coming into this life time to make an important contribution for mankind in  a field of a spiritual, scientific, medical, religious, educational, governmental or technological nature. Often Master Numbers indicate an older soul trained in the ancient esoteric schools in previous life times, who now returns to  teach a particular New Age method of healing, psychic development or invention. Many old, and important souls have names and birth … read more

Friday 24th January 2014

Number 22 Personal Year!!!

A 22 Personal Year is a big year.  It is a year of possibilities for progress on significant projects and ventures that could have significant influence in your life.  Status, recognition and financial gain can be yours, but it is important that you are helping others to achieve their goals too.  It can be a very rewarding year but it is important not to do things for your own personal gain, it could easily backfire in a big way. There will be heightened nervous tension but this usually accompanies significant opportunities that present themselves to you. Maturity and power are necessary for advancement, … read more

Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Number 11 Personal Year!!!

An 11 Personal Year is about spiritual or occult matters where you develop your inner world, your intuition. In this year there will always be nervous tension, use it in a positive way to become more aware of everything that is happening around you, but don’t become so overly sensitive to life that it stops you from moving forward. Most people revert to the number 2 Personal Year a great deal of the time, so please read it as well as then 11 Personal Year. In an 11 Personal Year you could easily move into the limelight in some way. To … read more

Tuesday 21st January 2014

Number 9 Personal Year!!!

A 9 Personal Year will bring many of your affairs to a head.  You are closing a cycle of experience, one that you started 9 years ago, leading to a new beginning and new start next year.  This will open your life to new opportunities and new interests.  It is a time to let go of the old and the undesirable in your life to make way for the real and worthwhile.  If you try to hold on to anything or anyone, it may still go out of your life.  This is not a year to start anything new whether it’s a … read more

Monday 20th January 2014

Number 8 Personal Year!!!

An 8 Personal Year is an action year, it is a time to accomplish.  You may want to better your financial situation considerably, becoming more business like, efficient, and practical.  There will be many opportunities in the year for advancement and improving your credit, but remember things will not be easy so use good judgement.  Aim for a goal and pick up any loose ends in business, home and property affairs.  There will be quite a bit of mental strain in getting things done, be efficient and use your head and this year will see you  improve in your position and finances. … read more

Wednesday 15th January 2014

Number 7 Personal Year!!!

The 7 Personal Year depends on you having the right state of mind, it is a very introspective year where it is important to meditate, examine your inner depths and to rely on your intuition.  It can be a year of inner power and spiritual awareness, where it is important to be alone but not feel lonely. Reach out for more understanding, have a desire to know more, to specialize your knowledge and talents.  Study research, teach or write about technical, scientific, religious or occult subjects. It is much better to say little and think clearly.  This is a mental … read more

Tuesday 14th January 2014

Number 6 Personal Year!!!

A 6 Personal Year is a time you will have Responsibilities to meet, and service will be important to your success and happiness. Being unselfishness, honest, fair in all your dealings, charitable to those less fortunate and humble should be your motives in everything you do. Harmony is important in your love life, money, health, and friendship. Keep your ideals high, and avoid feelings of resentment because of unfairness, it is important for you to give more than you receive, but be careful of being a doormat or a martyr. It might be important this year to take care of … read more

Monday 13th January 2014

Number 5 Personal Year!!!

In a 5 Personal Year there will be much growth and change, new friends, new opportunities, adventure, excitement and social activities, enjoy the freedom of this year. There will be lots of opportunities for advancement and progress. Break up some of the old routine from last year and turn the many details over to others, but use wisdom and discretion in the people you give these details to. There will be many changes, new opportunities and new contracts that may confuse you, but accept them as part of what is happening this year. Be resourceful and versatile, travel, move or do something to … read more