Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Sunday 28th January 2018

Shit is hitting the fan and it is just starting.

The tempo is building, get ready!!!  Life is going to pick up speed, shit is going to hit the fan everywhere, on everyone for many different reasons. Look at the world around you, it is just a reflection of what is happening to you internally.  We are going through a huge transformation.  This is all about letting go of everything that comes up for you.  Don’t get angry and blame others for what you see happening, it is all within you. This is the last stage of letting go to move to higher planes.  It will take 2 maybe 3 … read more

Tuesday 9th January 2018


There is so much anger coming up in everyone at the moment, it is a huge clearing for us all, it is something that we all need to do.  Acknowledge what comes up and let it go, stay neutral  don’t believe what the mind tells you, otherwise you get on a rollercoaster ride and  you can’t get off, you start blaming yourself and everyone else, and the anger becomes like a volcano that needs to erupt and spew forth. It is not nice!!! The situation happened in the past, it is time to let it go.  You are not the same person you were back … read more

Sunday 7th January 2018

What can we expect in 2018!!

What a year this is going to be. ‘Transparency is being demanded in this year 2018. Whether you have covered things up because you didn’t feel people could handle the truth, like NASA and governments of the world, or whether you are yourself keeping secrets.  What about the Harvey Weinstein issue with sexual abuse, and everything that has followed on from that?  NASA is slowly letting out information they have kept secret for decades.  Trump is releasing things to the public things that have been kept secret for many, many years.  Many more things will be released about UFO’s, and aliens … read more