Wondering where your life is heading at the moment? About to embark on a new venture? Want to find out a little more about yourself and the direction you are heading in? A numerology consultation is great way to get an insight to you and your future. A consultation with me will be conducted on a one on one basis where I will draw up your personal numerology chart and discuss it with you. Such consultations can be conducted at your convenience either personally or through Skype.

I also offer Numerology courses ranging from a beginners course for those who want the basic information on Numerology to a more advanced course for those wanting to learn how to complete a chart and really understand the depths of what impact numbers have on our lives. Courses run on weeknights and Saturdays.

Another area of Numerology I offer is Children’s charts. Every child is different, and knowing early on what your child ‘s needs are is a huge advantage. Discover through Numerology what their strengths and weaknesses are, how best to build up their confidence. Be alerted to any difficult situations in the child’s life, such as stress, health, or family issues that could have a big impact on their adult lives. Know how to best handle the times when they are sensitive, headstrong, impulsive, unfocused, jealous or feeling lonely. Discover where to channel your child’s energies from an early age, eg music, creativity, science, teaching, or maybe medicine or sport.  Know whether the child has the tenacity to stick with things until they are finished or whether they give up early on things and to put strategies in place.


Counselling is a tool to facilitate the exploring of life and remove blocks that have been created by emotional situations.
Talking often makes it possible to see alternative solutions and give tools for better coping skills in the future. I bring to counselling a deep intuition, much empathy, and an ability to detach myself so I can see things clearly, to find suitable solutions that are right for you.

I am a trained Hypnotherapist and where appropriate I will use these techniques to help you get in touch with your real feelings and find alternative paths to travel on.

Esoteric Para-Psychologist

I have studied esoterics for 20 years and have a bachelor degree in Para Psychology.  It has given me an amazing grounding and knowledge base to be able to facilitate Inner Transformation in my clients.

I have an ability to see, and feel where you are and where you are going.

I can give you tools to help you to let go of the past, not focus on the future, and start to live in the moment, expecting nothing and receiving everything.

The quote of “Time” spoken by Sir Laurence Olivier is what I truly believe and live my life by it.  “……..the quality of your life is brought about by the quality of your thinking.”

I think time is an illusion, but we need it to exist on this plane, it is important to remember that time can be  stretched to accommodate what we are doing.  When we are doing something we love, the time goes fast, and when we do something we don’t like, every moment seems to go so slowly.  By focusing on the moment, time passes effortlessly. Doing the ironing, housework or even at work, answering the phone, and even watching TV or listening to music, just focus 100% on what you are doing, don’t allow yourself to grab hold of your thoughts, but if you do just bring yourself back to what you are doing.