Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Sunday 18th August 2013

Tony Abbott – Kevin Rudd

Although they are both similar is some ways, Tony Abbott is more willing to work with others with his 11 Soul Urge.  Kevin gets very restless always going onto something new, with his 32 Soul Urge, always  a new idea, a new way to explore, but his is a hard worker sigh his 13 Maturity Number. Both believe in themselves first, but Kevin’s downfall is his pride with his 16 Birth Force, the saying is “Love to Lose, Love to Fall’, and this is going to be one of those times.  He is not in touch with his own intuition, he is … read more

Thursday 15th August 2013


ANTHONY JOHN ABBOTT, born 4th November, 1957. Birth Force 37/10.  Destiny 69/15.  Soul’s Urge 20/11.  Personality 49/13. Reality Number 106/16 Tony Abbott is very independent, a person who goes after what he wants, and he is not afraid to go out on a limb for what he believes in.  He has a great mind, and much inner strength but can be over confident and impatient. Like Kevin Rudd (they both have a 15 Destiny), which gives them an ability to accept responsibility and fight for the underdog.  Tony likes harmony and balance in his home.  His family is extremely important … read more

Wednesday 14th August 2013


KEVIN RUDD – was born, Kevin Michael Rudd on the 21st September, 1957. Kevin Rudd has a Birth Force of 16/7.  Destiny of 78/15.  Personality of 46/10.  Reality Number of 130/13. Kevin always has felt “different”, this can make it difficult for others to understand him, and sometimes he has difficulty understanding himself.  At times he will appear aloof and cold, and even hard.  He has learnt to trust his own intuition and gut feelings through situations that have happened through his life.  He feels very deeply, but there are always things he keeps to himself, in some ways he is a very private person.  … read more