Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Saturday 8th February 2014


Our mind fills itself with  millions of random thoughts each day, from the things we were told by our parents on how to live:  the should and should nots; do’s and don’ts from our teachers, families, society, the media, advertising, the list could go on and on. They tell us how to live, who to associate with, what to study, what is acceptable, what is not, what to say, what not to say, but they are all thought forms from the past, and they don’t reflect anything about us, or what we really need to be happy. Don’t hang onto those … read more

Thursday 6th February 2014


Did you realize we spend about a third of our lives sleeping???  Few of us really understand the process of dreaming, or realize the tremendous importance of dreams in our spiritual growth and daily lives. People will often say that they don’t dream, but the truth is that they simply don’t remember. The first step is to really want to remember your dreams.  Repeat at least three times just before going to sleep that you WILL remember your dreams. It is important to have a note book and pen beside your bed, to write down your dreams as soon as you … read more

Wednesday 5th February 2014


  Sigmund Freud referred to our dreams as “the royal road to the unconscious.”  They are bridges between the world of dreams – the realm of the unconscious – and everyday reality.  Shamans and mystics also travel across this bridge between worlds, as do people suffering from schizophrenia – the difference being that shamans and mystics move consciously between these worlds and understand the difference between the two;  those with mental illnesses do not. Most of us have experienced that deja vu sense that we have seen someone before, or even dreamed of something, that later came to pass.  Many … read more

Monday 3rd February 2014


Being in the moment is like being a child again, filled with wonder and excitement.  It is noticing everything that is happening in your world, as if for the first time, being childlike not childish. Notice the birds playing in the trees, the butterfly flying around near you, the ladybird walking on a small blade of grass, the ants that seem in a such a hurry, the spider building its web, the shapes of the clouds in the sky, the distant sound of the cars, children playing nearby, the taste of chocolate on the tongue,  so much is happening every moment. Have … read more

Friday 31st January 2014


Have you ever notice the seaweed on the beach after a storm??? WE are like seaweed, sometimes we FEEL as if we are trapped,, caught so tight we can’t move.  Sometimes we  FEEL as if we are buried deep in the sand with no way out, a victim of life itself.   Few are FREE  with no emotional attachments,  or chains to bind them.  They live in the moment, blowing with the wind, free, not fighting life, always ready to grasp an opportunity when it comes. So many things trap us, our relationships, family, work, friends, our childhood, even love can trap us, or we can be … read more

Tuesday 28th January 2014


When chaos is happening all around you, be still as in the eye of a storm. The moment you try to hang onto anything, a relationship, a job, a friend, a situation you go out of balance and get taken into the storm around you, then you have to deal with all your emotions, and everyone else’s. It is very hard to get back to your centre, where you just allow life to  guide you with whispers and chance meetings.  Everything will happen in its right timing, and there is nothing you can do to hurry things up, or slow them down.  Allow the storm … read more

Sunday 26th January 2014


Every MOMENT we have a choice to make, will we make the same choice we did a moment ago, and the one before that, and the one before that, or will we consciously choose to make a different choice, and change the direction we are travelling in??? It can happen in a MOMENT, in an instant. Being conscious of making a choice every moment is one of the most important and challenging things we will ever do in this life time, it can turn your life around. Are you ready to change your life NOW this moment!!!!