Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Wednesday 19th June 2013



JENNIFER ANISTON was born on 11th February, 1969 which makes her a 38/11 Master Number, which when you reduce it down comes to a Number 2.

It is through the Number 2 that healing and deep sensitive feelings are given to the forceful Number 1’s, causing the number 11 to be called a “spiritual messenger”, and the power to influence the masses.

There is a love of peace, that is its strength, its gentleness, its sensitivity, and its insight into the right and wrong. It is often thought of the power behind the thrown.  They have a fine sense of timing and rhythm, and need harmony and beauty in their lives, they are the diplomat, the mediator.

They love music, especially to set the scene for a romantic night, they are very sensitive and romantic so flowers and candles, a sensual massage with beautiful oils to relax them especially when their feelings have been hurt.  They love holding hands and being touched, so displays of affection are important.

They need love and marriage for real happiness they are not into one night stands.

Beautiful soft gold satin sheets, and white roses and petals scattered on the bed, soft music and being told how much they are loved, what a beautiful start to a special night for the Number 2.