Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Monday 17th June 2013



Tom Cruise is someone we all know, he was born on the 3rd July, 1962 which makes him a 28/10 Birth Force.  He personifies the characteristics of the Number 1.  He is an action man who enjoys flying this own plane, and loves his family.

The Number 1 is a dynamic person,  has great wit and humour, they are great company to be with and have lots of energy to give to relationships.

They are attracted to beauty, personality and someone who is self confident, but they want to do the leading themselves.  They have a desire to do things differently from what others do, and are very creative in their leading.

They have a strong sensuality, being adventurous and daring, but look for a loving mate to express their softer side, someone who is willing to follow and be lead.  They like clean sheets, and beautiful surroundings, nice music and maybe candles…………..!!!

The Number 1 is very passionate, love sex in different positions and places, so be creative.

A real turn on would be some beautiful nice lilac satin sheets and lilac candles scattered around the room.  They love affection, what you give to them will be returned 10 fold, so be sensual, and loving, make them feel like the centre of your world, in this moment in time.

Beware they do not like vulgarity, and are offended by uncleanliness.