Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Friday 28th June 2013



WHITNEY HOUSTON, born on the 9th of August, 1963, making her a Number 36/9 Birth Force, and being born on the 9th this will also highlight the qualities of the Number 9.  When they are shy they can attract into their lives dominant, aggressive or violent people, as I feel happened to Whitney.  She was so beautiful and had the most amazing voice, but she was also her own worst enemy escaping into drugs to heal her emotional wounds.  The Number 9 is very emotional and needs an outlet for it which was her singing. It is very hard for the Number 9 to break bad habits.   Her death was a real loss to the world, and she was so beautiful.

The Number 9 can be an inspiration to others, they are intuitive and perceptive.  They can be a natural leader and fighter for others.  They also have an ability to make money quickly and have an inclination to spend, spend, spend.

The Number 9 will have many disappointments in their life because they are so emotional and tend to see life with rose coloured glasses, and get lost in their dreams, they are very idealistic.  There is lots of pain to let go of, and they are very good at hanging onto it way past its use by date.  The Number 9 falls in love with great intensity, although romance may fade as quickly if the ideal of their dreams fails to live up to the perfection they see.

The Number 9 needs love and approval from others, to be really happy, so if you are in love with a Number 9 tell them often.   They are warm and very generous, and give without thought of self.

The Number 9 knows how to show off, so take them some where special where they can make an impact, the most exclusive bars, restaurants and theatres.  They are sexually imaginative, so talk to them about what is in their mind, and see if you  can play it out with them.  They are great conversationalists so have fun playing  along with them and remember sometimes the best part of fighting is making up afterwards, especially with a Number 9.

A Number 9 loves art, music and also poetry, they are very romantic, so write some poetry and read it out to them.  Have Smoke coloured satin sheets and lavender candles scattered around the room, and most importantly don’t forget to tell them often how much you love them.