Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Saturday 22nd June 2013



BRAD PITT, born 18th December, 1963, which makes him a master number 22 which goes into base Number of 4.  Brad loves his family and kids, has big ideas and knows how to put them into form, as is his love of architecture.  He gives everything to those he loves, and to his work.

A Number 4 through patience, perseverance, determination and careful attention to detail, constructs, builds, fixs, mends, organises and maintains.  They establish system and order, and get things done.  The Number 4 has high standards of honesty, courage, and they gain through hard knocks, and their own mistakes.

The Number 4 has a great love of their family, has strong opinions of right and wrong, and does not like being told what to do, they like being in control.  They can be stubborn, argumentative and can become  aggressive, they need a partner who is willing to talk things over patiently.

The Number 4 can have an intense sexualityand need variety in their sex life, but will be full of surprises.  They are attracted to anyone that is unusual or original.  They might tell you their fantasies, or maybe acting them out one beautiful night could be very exciting.

Soft silver satin sheets, indigo cushions scattered around and blue and green scented candles would set the scene for a special night, enjoy!!!