Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Wednesday 26th June 2013



MARILYN MONROE, born 1st June, 1926, which gives her a 25  or a 16/7 Birth Force.

Marilyn was a thinker, had a sharp mind, analytical,she was not satisfied until she knew the unknown.  A 16/7 Number can be tragic as it was in Marilyns case, they feel everything so deeply and always keep quite a few things deep inside, no one would know what was really going on inside them.   Marilyn was very intelligent, but knew how to play to the media. She had the world at her feet, but not the self confidence to carry her through.

The Number 7 is here to learn to spend a lot of time on their own and not feel lonely, no mean feat.  With the Number 16/ 7  the saying is “Love to Lose, Rise to Fall”!!!  It is a hard lesson, until they trust their own intuition which guides them.

The Number 7 can be quiet, reticent, and very selective of things and people, often reserved, and can be seen as cold.  They are the specialists in what ever field they go into, they are not superficial, if it is something they love they need to know everything about the subject and devour all they can find and learn on the subject.  They are the connoisseur of literature, and enjoying high class restaurants.  They want the best of everything.

The Number 7 has a strong sexual energy, and to be really happy they need a deep connection of the soul and mind with their partner.  Secret love affairs will bring moments of fantastic pleasure and also moments of pain.  They can be the sadist and masochist at the same time.  This may be a fantasy but they must be careful that the fantasy does not become a reality.

For that special night,  for the Number 7, pick a gourmet restaurant with lush surroundings where you can get away from the crowd and be on your own in a room, use your mind to connect to them on a deep level.  In the bed have pearl coloured satin sheets, and use some rose essential oil on some purple cushions scattered in the room,and maybe some rose scented candles burning in the background.  Talk to each other about your fantasies and maybe play them out during the night, so be prepared ………………………………..!!!!  Their mind is very powerful.