Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Monday 24th June 2013




ANGELINA JOLIE, born 4th June, 1975 which gives her a Birth Force of 32/5.

Angelina loves to experience life, in all directions.  What I was taught a long time ago with the Number 5, was drugs, sex, rock and roll.  They are here to experience life and learn the constructive use of freedom, learning to pick and choose what they start and then see it through to the end.  Many times especially when they are young they are like a rolling stone, with so many choices, but start many things but finish very few, this comes with experience learning which ones to start and see through to the end, that is the constructive use of freedom.

Angelina is unique, she loves change, loves travelling, loves people of all different races, colours and religions, as you can see with her children, all unique and very different, but what an amazing family they have.  The children are learning to value change in their lives and to never be scared of challenging society and their beliefs.

The Number 5 has opportunites in all directions, they have a quick mind, excellent powers of observation, speed, energy, wit, and enthusiasm.  They think fast and have a very fertile mind, they are unafraid of experience and enjoy worldly interests.  Change often comes suddenly, they have many ups and downs, finances go up and down, they get bored easily and have a fear of losing their freedom, especially with marriage.  Their life is not for the faint hearted.

They are very sexual, and fantasies are a must.  The Number 5 loves experimenting and trying out new things, they are a ‘fearless lover’.  The sky is the limit for Number 5!!  Movies, toys, games, dress ups, they enjoy the adrenalin rush of trying new and exciting things.  Variety is the spice of life!

How about raspberry satin sheets, beautiful champagne with 2 long stem glasses, cherry coloured candles scattered around the room, feathers, silk scarves and red long stem flowers.  You are only limited by your imagination…………. Enjoy!!!