Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Sunday 1st September 2013

How to Find Your Destiny???


Your Destiny is the total of all the letters in your full birth name!

AJS = 1,  BKT = 2,  CLU = 3,  DMV = 4,  ENW = 5,  FOX = 6,  GPY = 7,  HQZ = 8,  IR = 9.

Your Destiny Number shows what you were born to accomplish, the opportunities available to you, the environment you find yourselves in, your inner resources; and where they will they takeyou??

What is your goal in life?

What will you be the most successful at?

What is the best direction to take?

What will be your major accomplishments?

Work through your full birth name and find out what is in your Destiny???