Christine Parker did a numerology chart on my last grandchild.  It was awesome!  Here was this precious little baby, and Christine, with only the date and names given to her, was able to construct a narrative that resonated with knowledge I already had of his inherited genetic traits.

It was as if she was looking through a looking glass, watching him progress through the different stages of his life, his falls and leaps,  his strengths and vulnerabilities.  She was able to tell me of the years in which he would need special attention and of the years in which he would fly, like a determined spirit.

Listening to Christine, I could see his personality developing and was able to consider where I as his grandparent might fit in.

I have no hesitation in recommending to all those eager to learn how to help their loved child have a  truly rewarding life, to have Christine look into the future with you!!

Dr Deborah Cramer

Thank you Christine for the in depth numerology reading you gave me on my personality, my life and my soul. You bring such sensitivity and wisdom to your work.

It was not just a reading – it helped me to clear and heal aspects of myself and to acknowledge and build on my strengths. You enabled me to gain insight into so many things including my relationship, my work and some significant life influences and you did so in such a loving and inspiring way.

I found it particularly helpful for my husband Greg and I to have a joint consultation with you. I learned so much about us. It has assisted us greatly.

Margaret Ross Lawyer & Mediator

Despite never writing a testimonial before I’ve jumped at the chance to provide one for Christine Parker’s Numerology readings. Taking a great deal of time and with meticulous care Ms Parker’s calculations revealed many elements of my past I’ve shared with no other person, profound insights into myself today and a set of guidelines to assist me moving forward.

Decades of experience and education in numerology make these readings a truly extraordinary and uplifting process for her clients.

I can’t recommend this experience highly enough and will gift Ms Parker’s on-line readings to friends.

Annie Fraser

I recently had the opportunity to study Christine’s Numerology Course and was overawed by the breadth and depth of knowledge that Christine has. She is an informative tutor who makes the complexities of the principles and theory of Numerology easy to understand.
The course has expanded the relevance of numerology in understanding myself, other people and its impact on everyday life. The informative course notes are easy to understand and refer to. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning the methodology of numerology, whether for own personal use, for use in their workplace or as an adjunct to an existing holistic practice.

Steph Howard

Dear Christine

I enjoyed our meeting to go through my numerology reading.  I felt that you captured the essence of my life to date and presented it in an engaging and thought -provoking way.  You clearly have a deep understanding of the art and science of numerology.

I am more than happy to recommend your services.

Kind regards

Greg Rooney – Mediator and Arbitrator, Adelaide

6 months ago  had the pleasure of a numerology consult with Christine. I found it very informative and great insights to my life. It also assisted in directions of what to watch out for and guidance for my future. The past was fascinating as I could reflect back and see how I have changed and grown in my life.

Christine is exceptionally good interpreting the chart and I am sure she uses other talents as well as numerology.

I would highly recommend everyone to have a consult with Christine as it is very insightful and helpful to your life.

Neil Dowell