Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Sunday 7th January 2018

What can we expect in 2018!!

What a year this is going to be.

‘Transparency is being demanded in this year 2018.

Whether you have covered things up because you didn’t feel people could handle the truth, like NASA and governments of the world, or whether you are yourself keeping secrets.  What about the Harvey Weinstein issue with sexual abuse, and everything that has followed on from that?  NASA is slowly letting out information they have kept secret for decades.  Trump is releasing things to the public things that have been kept secret for many, many years.  Many more things will be released about UFO’s, and aliens who have been with us for many decades.  Much of the technology in the last decade has come from them.  There has been a massive cover-up going on because the powers that be didn’t think we could handle the truth…………………………..  Maybe they were right, but the time has come; now the truth is coming out.

Personally we are all being confronted with our own truths even if we don’t want to look at them.

There is much anger in people, old hurts are surfacing, things you have kept hidden are being exposed.

This is the time to acknowledge everything that comes up, and then just let it go.  This is a clearing for all of us, something that is needed.  Don’t get angry or blame others for things that have happened to you, take responsibility for the choices you have made, and the people that have been in your lives.

We are human, mistakes are a part of learning and growing, so we can become more of who we are.  Forgive yourself and forgive others, nothing is worth the impact of holding onto anger, which only hurts you not the other person.  It affects your immune system, you get stressed and your health goes down hill, your quality of life gets diminished, and it affects your family and everyone around you.

Acknowledge when you need help to work through these situations, life is too short, you never know what is around the corner.  People are committing suicide, so many people are dying around the world, just look at the news.

There will also be many wonderful discoveries especially with health and healing, science and technology.  This is an incredible time to be alive.  Let go and shine brighter than ever before.  Let go of the fear that could be stopping you from making changes in your life, TRUST and take a leap of faith.

Do what you love doing and see how life changes, ignite that passion in your heart.

These opportunities will only be here for a year or so, make the most of them, get off the same old merry go round that you have been on for thousands of years.

It is time to take that leap into the unknown, you might just find what you have been looking for, you might find that happiness and love that has always been around the corner, how will you ever know if you never try this one last time   ……………………………………………………….