Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Saturday 17th January 2015

What can we expect in 2015

balance 2

Time is moving so fast, and so much happened in 2014 especially with ISIL   There has been so much tragedy and violence, the beheadings that shocked the world, men women and children kidnapped or killed, mass shootings, but we also had many breakthroughs with research, science and technology.  Is technology moving too fast!!!!! What about the issues of cloning, and robots to replace humans.   What are the ethics involved with all this new research?????

Finding the balance is what 2015 is all about, balance in ALL aspects of life.

This year 2015, breaks down to 26 a very powerful and karmic number.  It is about ABUNDANCE and POWER, VISION and ACCEPTANCE,  COOPERATION and BALANCE.

The number 8 is very much to do with money and power so it will have a huge affect on the economy, and it will not be easy for many people and the financial markets will have many ups and downs.  This will make it very difficult for many investors and economists.

The number 26 comes down to the number 8, denoting balance; as above so below.   We live in the world of duality, light and dark, right and wrong, love and hate, summer and winter, day and night, hot and cold.  The path to enlightenment is through balance, staying slightly detached, to observe the whole without the emotions colouring our judgement.

8 is the only number apart from zero that you don’t take your hand off when you write it.  The zero is the God Force, the mirror, to look within, and see your view of the world reflected around you.  When you are angry, the world is an angry place, when you are happy everything flows, things don’t upset you.

The number 8 is a zero above and below in perfect balance.  Balance between spiritual and the material, power and abundance, family and work, money and success.

The number 8 represents The Pope and The Devil.  The Devil is a man made thought form created through religion, it represents our dark side.   The Pope is a symbol of spirituality, but he too will be tested.  Religion has to find its balance in the world.  There are so many fanatics from all religions, how are we going to deal with them??

The number 8 on it side is like 2 eyes, that see all.  What will we want to see??????

The letter H has the value of 8, it is like a ladder, so this year you can climb the heights but you can also fall from the heights.  Sideways it is like a window where you can see outside or inside, but the glass needs to be clean to see clearly especially this year.  The letter Q has the value of 17 which is also an eight.  It looks like the letter O, which is a mirror, has no beginning or end, and has a stick on its side, which is the way out.  Will we be able to look at ourselves on a global scale and also as an individual, and find a way out.  The letter Z is the 26th letter of the alphabet, also denotes 2015, and the number 8.  It is like a lightening bolt, so everything will happen FAST, and will have a marked effect on consciousness.  Will it be for good or for bad??

2015 is a year when gender equality and gay rights will intensify, the fight against racism will intensify, and moderates will speak out all around the world against religious extremism.

China and Russia will have to deal with their power structures that are more like dictatorships.

There will need to be balance between our technological advances and our moral values.  Robots are being given the ability to think and make decisions, how far are we willing to take this.  Steven Hawkins has suggested we are playing with fire.

Huge imbalances exist with the rich and the poor, in all countries in the world.  Will we be able to find a way to help balance this??

The global economy will have a very rocky ride, and it will not be easy for most people, businesses, large and small.  It will be very difficult for people to be able to predict what is going to happen.  Things will happen out of the blue, and happen fast.

When we finish 2015 much will have changed in the world, and changed because people will stand up everywhere.  Sometimes there needs to be huge shakeups for the people of the world to stand up and say “We have had enough!!!”