Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Sunday 28th January 2018

Shit is hitting the fan and it is just starting.

The tempo is building, get ready!!!  Life is going to pick up speed, shit is going to hit the fan everywhere, on everyone for many different reasons.

Look at the world around you, it is just a reflection of what is happening to you internally.  We are going through a huge transformation.  This is all about letting go of everything that comes up for you.  Don’t get angry and blame others for what you see happening, it is all within you.

This is the last stage of letting go to move to higher planes.  It will take 2 maybe 3 years to complete, so get ready.

By getting angry and blaming others you put yourself in the victim mode and you will sink backwards.  It is all about acknowledging what has happened, forgive yourself, and don’t get caught up in the emotions, they will trap you.

Love everyone and love yourself for what ever has happened.  We are human and we are here to LEARN, and we can only do that by making mistakes.  Let go of your past and move on to greater clarity in your life.  All this stuff weighs us all down, and it takes so much energy to keep every situation playing over and over again in our lives.

Be still, love yourself and breathe deeply when things get stressful.  Go for a walk in nature, go down the beach and just walk or go for a swim.  Play music you love, do anything that you love doing and don’t think about anything.  Easy to say I know, but JUST DO IT.