Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Monday 23rd October 2023

2020 What is happening to this world!!

What a world we are living in now!!!

Slowly but slowly the veils are coming off, more and more people in power, big corporations and companies are being exposed for being corrupt.  We have been manipulated and controlled for centuries, but all that is slowly changing.

Don’t believe what you read in the papers, or on the television, look behind the stories, they are sensationalized, because that is what sells.  Search for the truth in everything, become conscious of what is happening in your world.

Don’t let them put fear into you, which is what is happening at the moment with the corona virus and now anything to do with racism.  They are issues that need to be dealt with but by keeping the emotions of everyone high, people are easily led.  People are being paid to go out and destroy statues, to loot places of business  and be violent to others.

Be still, be conscious, don’t be pulled in different directions by others, think deeply, be strong, don’t allow yourself to be led by others.  Make conscious choices about everything that is happening in your world.  Meditate to find what is true for you in your own heart.

Everything around you is a reflection of what is happening inside you.  We are going through incredible changes.  Don’t hang onto anything or anyone.  This is the chaos before the dawn of a new world, a new you.

There is a breaking apart of timelines, and the big month is July, 2020.

There is an analogy of the trains departing from the train station, by Bashar.

The idea is that trains are departing from a train station, slowly accelerating on their own tracks.  Their tracks are initially close to one another and the trains are moving slowly, so you are able to see the people in the other trains and get a sense of what they are experiencing.  You can even hop off of your current train and jump over to another train if it sees more aligned to your desires.

But as your chosen train continues to accelerate along its own track or timeline, the other trains become more and and more difficult to perceive, and you very quickly lose the ability to easily jump to the other trains.  At a certain point you no longer even see the other trains around you, and you become fully focused on the reality inside your current train.

The most important thing to remember at this time is be conscious of your choices, every moment and every day.

Everyone will be at the right place at the right time, enjoy the journey!!!