Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Monday 23rd September 2013



As a Destiny Number 9 you are very much a humanitarian,  and like to help others.  You are also very sensitive, with lots of compassion which is why you work so well with other people.  You have an ability to inspire, and would make a great teacher, religious leader and counsellor.

As a Destiny Number 9 you are very creative,  imaginative, and artistic.

You are a very giving person, as well as sympathetic, tolerant, broadminded, compassionate and generous.  You are also idealistic and get disappointed in the lack of perfection in the world and in yourself.

You are very romantic, and love being in love!!!!!

As a Destiny Number 9 you can be selfish, self centred, and when really negative you can be unaware of your real feelings and insensitive to others needs, you put a wall around you.  When things are not running smoothly have a look at your life and understand what part you are playing in the drama.

To find your Destiny Number add all the letters in your full birth name.

AJS = 1,  BKT = 2,  CLU = 3,  DMV = 4,  ENW = 5,  FOX = 6,  GPY = 7,  HQZ = 8,  IR = 9.