Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Saturday 1st March 2014



Often an 11 Master Number will often do two different things at the same time.  Maybe they are a writer, but also an artist; someone who works as an actor as well as being a teacher.  There is also a strong possibility of them coming into the limelight in some way, and being recognised by others for the work they do.

When the Number 11 Master Number is in balance, they could become a gifted channeler or clairvoyant, spiritual teacher, visionary leader or be able to see into the future.  They can be an inspiration to others, love poetry, and very romantic.  There is an intensity about them and can often be seen as being eccentric, but also they are refined and quite feminine.

Out of balance they could be fanatical, unable to grasp the practical side of life.  At times they may find themselves attacking others with different points of view and using the psychic or gift for their own self purpose.  On the other end of the scale they may fail to inspire others, overreact to criticism, appear fragile, oversensitive, and quite wary of interacting with others.