Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Tuesday 28th January 2014



When chaos is happening all around you, be still as in the eye of a storm.

The moment you try to hang onto anything, a relationship, a job, a friend, a situation you go out of balance and get taken into the storm around you, then you have to deal with all your emotions, and everyone else’s.

It is very hard to get back to your centre, where you just allow life to  guide you with whispers and chance meetings.  Everything will happen in its right timing, and there is nothing you can do to hurry things up, or slow them down.  Allow the storm to pass, because it is a law of the universe, nothing stays the same.  When you are madly in love, this too shall pass, when you are hurting with emotional pain, this too shall pass, when you reach your goal, this feeling too shall pass, when you are angry and upset with someone, this too shall pass.

We learn from our mistakes, how painful it is  depends on how much we hang on, and for how long.

When we finally achieve our goal after so much hard work, the high does not last, then we want something else, always something more, we are never satisfied.

The only way to live life is to be still, not hang onto anything or anyone and trust that you will be given everything you will ever need, in the perfect time for you.