Christine Parker

Numerologist. Counsellor. Para Psychologist

Friday 31st January 2014



Have you ever notice the seaweed on the beach after a storm???

WE are like seaweed, sometimes we FEEL as if we are trapped,, caught so tight we can’t move.  Sometimes we  FEEL as if we are buried deep in the sand with no way out, a victim of life itself.   Few are FREE  with no emotional attachments,  or chains to bind them.  They live in the moment, blowing with the wind, free, not fighting life, always ready to grasp an opportunity when it comes.

So many things trap us, our relationships, family, work, friends, our childhood, even love can trap us, or we can be trapped by others who love us.

Where are you trapped in your life???

Emotional and mental suffering comes not so much from what is happening in your life, but from the thoughts about what is happening.  Even physical pain is influenced by your  thoughts and stress.

Mental and emotional suffering stems from resistance and attachments to beliefs about what should or shouldn’t be.

Don’t play God and presume to know how life should come or go; letting go in this way will bring a sense of freedom.

Ask yourself,  ”Will it matter in 5 years time???”